100 things…

100 things

1. Full name – Anisha Sharma
2. Like it?–I love it!
3. Single or taken – single.
4. Zodiac sign – Cancerian
5. Male or female – Female
6. Elementary school – Maneckji Cooper.
7. Middle School – same as above.
8. High School – Jamnabai Narsee.
9. College -..Xavier’s….Jai Hind….and now I’m back in Xavier’s.
10. Hair color – Brown
11. Eye color – Hazel, with a circle of green.
12. Hair length -Medium
13. Mood – Confooz
14. Race – Mixed-
15. Are you a health freak?Nope.
16. Height – 5’9″
17. Do you have a little crush on someone? – Yes
18. Do you like what you see in the mirror? – Mostly, no.
19. Piercings – yes
20. Tattoos – no


22. First surgery – Getting stitches on my upper lip when I fell down in the 1st standard.
23. First piercings – ears
25. First award – Fancy dress competition. I was an OTSE 😛 (after the above mentioned accident)
26. First sport – Running around randomly.
27. First pet – Leo the parrot. Bastard.
28. First vacation – Delhi, when my grandparents came to India from Poland. The first one I remember, though, is my first trip to Poland.
29. First teacher -Maxi Miss.. (Mexican, as I called her)
30. First crush – 2nd grade…Harsh.


o, it is on.

31. Orange or apple juice – Apple.
32. Rock or rap – Rock
33. Country or screamo -Country
34. N’sync or Backsteet Boys – definitely N’sync, Justin Timberlake is hot.
35. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera -Aargh. Next.
36. Night or day – Night…but I like both and evenings and afternoons.
39. Playstation or xbox – Havent played on either.
40. Kiss or hug – Hug, followed by a kiss (Not applicable to all)
41. Iguana or turtle – Turtles!!!!!
43. Fall or spring – Fall.
44. Limewire or iTunes – Limewire.
45. Soccer or baseball – Cheeseball. 😛


50. Drinking? – Water
51. About to… – Study 😦
52. Is MIA?- My hero…
53. Singing? Latika’s theme-Slumdog Millionaire.
54. Typing? This survey


55. Want kids? Perhaps, someday.
56. When? Post marriage
57. Want to get married? Only if it’s worth it.
58. When? 10 years.
59. Where do you want to live? Somewhere different.
60. How many kids do you want? One should be fine.
61. Any name on the mind? Arya.
62. What did you want to be when you when you were little?A playwright.
64. Mellow future or wild? Little of both.
66. Something you would never try? Acid
67. When do you wanna die? in my sleep, or under a car.

68. Lips or eyes- both..Eyes.
69. Hugging or kissing -Waaait a minute..I’ve answered this one already!
70. Shorter or taller- Doesn’t really matter. Not painfully shorter, though.
71. Tan skinned or light- Doesn’t matter.
72. Spontaneous or romantic- Spontaneous.
73. Dark or light hair- No preferences.
74. Muscular or normal- Again..no preferences..
75. Hook-up or relationship- Definitely relationship.
76. Similar to you or different – depends


78. Kissed a stranger? No.
79. Drank bubbles? Yes
80. Broken a bone? Yes
81. Climbed up a tree? No
82. Broken someone’s heart? Possibly. Maybe
83. Turned someone down? Yes
84. Had your heart broken? No
85. Liked a friend as more than a friend? Haven’t we all?


86. Yourself? No
87. Miracles? Yes
88. Love at first sight? Naah.
89. Santa clause? Yes. 🙂
90. Kiss on first date? Depends..
91. Angels? No.


92. Text message- “Arrr…remember the coupons of love…” 🙂
93. Received call- 1/2 an hour ago
94. Call made-Last night.
95. Facebook message-mail or message? Too many to say.
96. Missed call- Jai Ranjit.
97. Person you hung out with- Aakriti, Nikhil.


98. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now?- Yes. In Singapore.
99. Like someone- Yes.
100. Wish something was improved about your body?- Always.


~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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