30 lines on love.

Pounding relentlessly, pumping blood,
Your lifeline, your very epicentre.
You’re always making sure it’s okay.

And then, one day, you give it away,
Give it to someone, full of hope.
You wait.

It beats faster, stronger, day by day,
Damn these rushes of blood!
You cherish.

Days, months, years go by?
Who knows, things are just a blur.
You spin.

Exhilaration, moist eyes, whispers.
Sweet nothings mean everything,
You laugh.

Friends ditched, lectures bunked.
Everything else takes a backseat.
You plan.

It dies, fades out, questions arise,
Biting your nails, reading between the lines,
You worry.

Assurances given, comforting murmurs,
Tight hugs, warm words.
You procrastinate.

Uncertainty, doubt, slow realisation.
It’s not what you thought, after all.
You cry.

Tangible grief, inexplicable pain,
You take back the pieces of your gift.
Move on.


~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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