Dripping down onto the wall,
What’s the point of going through it all.
When all you feel is fear and pain,
Nothing venture, nothing gain.

Ideals created, beliefs eroded,
All your dreams completely jaded.
Like a cigarette, your life is burning up,
Let’s all take a sip from this joyful cup.

Noone told me of betrayal and scum,
It all seemed like one joyful run,
How is it we’re only told of the good stuff?
But when it goes downhill, we’re expected to be tough.

Dad hits mom, my sister and me,
Tripping on the blood, he shouts with glee.
Mom drowns her sorrows and escapes,
Left to fend for ourselves, we just sit and gape.

Nowhere to run, noone to help,
It was every man for themselves.
So now, you wonder how I’m so messed up and off-track,
Just turn the pages of my life right back.

Yes, I assaulted, peddled and stole,
Fit right into society’s most hated role.
Somewhere deep down, my hatred was still hidden,
Guess that’s why I sought solace in the company of children.

Their sweet little faces, so unassuming, so pure,
In them I had found my eternal cure.
Watching cartoons with them, off to sleep they would slump,
Then I’d hack them up, and make my way to the dump.

I soon lost count of how many were scattered around,
But not even half were ever found.
I never felt guilty, reading about it,
It just gave me more fuel, more throats to be slit.

The younger the child, the more ingenious my method,
Heads in the freezer, eyes fed to the birds.
Bones smashed up, stuffed down the cistern,
I knew I had reached the point of no return.

But children weren’t all that much fun any longer,
I yearned for a challenge, something bigger, stronger.
I settled my sights on a teen, what delight!
But then you appeared on the scene, and gave me a fright.

The questions at the station, which I answered with ease,
All of it seemed like such a breeze!
I couldn’t believe I’d explained it away,
I walked out, a free man, that is, till today.

From teens to women, young men and old,
All of my fantasies began to unfold.
I began to experiment, as if in a lab,
I bought sharper tools, acid and a chopping slab.

But, for a while now, killing’s lost its charm,
I’ve stopped feeling fright, danger or harm.
It seems like the law has completely stopped caring,
That’s why I’ve decided to become more daring.

Now, I think I have spoken enough,
I am too tired, bruised by these handcuffs!
Oh, how kind of you to set me free,
I understand, it’s only temporary.

As I was saying about becoming more bold,
My courage has now increased thousand-fold.
I use any weapons, sometimes merely my hands,
No person’s too strong; they can never foil my plan.

But now I’ve confessed, my dues are paid,
How many was it? 360, you said?
360 people, all dead and gone.
And now for my swansong, Ms. 361.

~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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  1. a gr8 strt 2 a MUCH AWAITED blog my dear…
    …ure #1 fan

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