An Ode to You.

Unfinished business, unsaid words,
So many things left to be heard.
Love not expressed, thanks not conveyed,
Lies not revealed, confessions not made.

Deep, deep down, I know all this,
But time and my heart do not permit.
I want to fade away, remain a memory,
Just another name in a page of your history.

You’ve made me laugh until I cried,
You’ve made me want to go on trying.
You’ve made me weep, you’ve made me hurt,
We’ve had bad patches, made it work.

I’ve entertained you all day long,
We’ve found the sheet music to life’s complicated song.
I’ve gone wild with you, I’ve made you tame,
Yes, you’ve also done the same.

I thank you for those endless nights,
Of conversations, memories and fights.
I thank you for helping me be strong,
Even if we haven’t been friends for long.

Thank you for being there to hear me out,
Hear me rave, rant, ramble and shout.
Thank you for saying we’re in the same boat,
Criticising my work, reading my notes.

Thank you for your wishes, the care that you show,
For proving to me that there’s truly much more.
Much more to this drudgery they call life,
More silver linings through all this strife.

You tried your best, really, you did!
Been there for me, rain storm or wind.
You’ve been a shoulder, an ear, a rock, a true friend,
Made me feel secure till the very end.

But you fool, you have a life to live,
Drive, passion, dreams and will.
Your path’s yet to be weathered, yet to be travelled,
So many stories yet to be unravelled.

I’m not talking about this, because there’s nothing you can say,
I don’t want to waste your nights and your days.
I don’t want to crumble in front of your eyes,
Let your memories remain sweet, your respect remain high.

Don’t feel bad, helpless or bound,
There’s so much I’ve learnt through you, so much I’ve found.
There’s nowhere you’ve failed, nothing you lack,
I’ll never know how to pay you back.

Don’t waste any more time or money on me,
I’m a lost cause, floating at sea.
Just let me drown after trying to pay my dues,
One of them is this- an Ode to You.


~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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