Example of how happy thoughts also run through my head.

She never smiles or looks at me,
Never realises when I’m around.
Laughing and talking with her friends,
Would she look up if I made a sound?

I skulk around class, watching her every move,
Out of the corner of my eye.
Her mannerisms, clothes, so different from mine,
If only I was a guy!

Maybe I can dress macho, walk tall, talk tough,
Maybe then she’s look at me!
Maybe she would mock me to my face,
I wouldn’t blame her, I’d look like a freak!

I sit behind her in class, gazing at her dreamily,
Thinking of all the things we would do together.
Romantic dinners, walks and all that jazz,
Going out with other birds of a feather.

The nape of her neck, the swirl of her hair,
Are enough to make me go wild…
Her perfect smile and holdable hands,
If only I wasn’t so mild!

If only this was as common as boy-meets-girl,
As easy as 1-2-3.
If only people could see that this was love too,
There could be a you and me.

There goes the bell,she bounces out of her chair,
Turns to chat with someone near me,
I look up at her, adoration in my eyes,
Do you think that she can see?

I slowly feel my throat drying, I take a gulp,
She’s so beautiful, so smart, ten on ten.
So what if I’m gay, I’m human too!
Women are SO much better than men!

I can’t tell her, I know that’s a fact,
I’d be ridiculed and just left moping,
But for now, she’s here, that’s all that matters,
I’ll be patient, and keep on hoping.



~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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