Experiment with character.

I sat in the lobby, waiting for my boss to call me in. The seat of the sofa felt like a camel hump, and I kept squirming uncomfortably. I was wondering why Mr. Khanna had called me into his office. Rumours were going around the office that the staff was being downsized because some high-profile client was suing the office for embezzlement of funds. As my glance kept flitting around the room, from the inspirational posters (‘Think Positive!’ ‘The Ten Commandments For Success’) to the plastic potted plants, I thought to myself, if that was the case, then our office wouldn’t look like this! Mr. Khanna would have spruced it up a little at least!
Finally, the secretary told me that I was to go in.
I entered Mr. Khanna’s office, and gave him a nervous smile. He got up and gave me a firm pat on the back. He smelt of smoke, and I had to stifle a cough. He sat down in his leather chair.
‘Yes, yes, I wanted to see you. Iyer, right? Sit, sit. Coffee? Tea? Cold drink? Nothing? Alright. I’ll cut to the chase. Our company needs to downsize staff; you may have heard some rumours. Well, we have decided that, since you have been working here for so long, we will offer you an early retirement, and you can spend time with your wife and children. We will also give you a regular pension, so you have nothing to be worried about…………..’
I blanked. I was just 50! People retired at 60. I still had things to prove, children and a wife to support, how could these arrogant people toss me to the side like a used piece of furniture? I wasn’t going to stand for this. They couldn’t take me for granted! I had seen this company grow, and the moment it began to prosper, they threw me away because I was too old. Well, I would show them. We Iyers are famous for our temper and I was surely going to show this fat slob why.
‘…………So, Mr. Iyer, I’m sure you understand. Thank you so much. We will give you a week to clear…..’
I calmly stood up and walked out. I went to my desk, put all my files in my briefcase, and headed towards Khanna’s office once again. Everyone was giving me sympathetic looks. I didn’t want their pity. I was going to go out with a bang. I was never going to let this office forget my name. They’d see what a mistake they had made.
I walked straight past the secretary, and into the office. Khanna looked surprised, and scared to see me.
‘Sir, I have been a loyal employee of Khanna and Khanna Accounting Services for almost 30 years and I refuse to be quietly dismissed. You and your brother think that, just because I am getting older, I cannot do my work anymore. Let me assure you that the group of youngsters in my department have nothing better to do the whole day except talk on their mobiles, and watch obscene videos on the computer. And before you think that this is just a fit of anger, and that I hope to get my job back, let me rest your fears at ease. If you haven’t realized my worth in 27 years, I’m sure that by now you will not. Good day, and goodbye.’
I stormed out of the door, leaving him with his mouth open, and eyes widened. As I walked out of the lift and onto the streets of Dadar, I knew that my wife would shout at me. I knew the difficulties that I would have to face ahead. Bu, for once, I had stood up for myself and realized that I was worth more than a dingy cabin in a derelict building. It was my moment, and nothing was going to spoil it.


~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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