They say
He’s depraved
Quite mad
Quite insane.
He’s a lifer
Sex crimes
Yes, minors
No regret.
He’s mad
They whisper
Stay away
Can’t you see
A glint
A gleam
It scares all.
He walks
All alone
No worries
No cares
Just eking
His miserable
Life here.
He knows
They talk
They laugh
They point
He knows
They think
He’s nuts.
His life
Has been
Rather interesting
Many stories
To tell
The grandkids.
How many
Can boast
Of murders
And mayhem
Of posters
His pictures
A reward.
He’s special
He knows
A jewel
These imbeciles
Won’t understand.
Very happy
Most content
He sits
Looks around
Gray walls
Good behaviour
Parole Board
Back out
To hunt
To chase
To stalk
To mount
To kill
Back out
The world
Cruel place
Cruel people
He’ll protect
Innocent kids
Go back
To angels.

~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “Him.”

  1. very nice one. i really enjoyed reading this.

  2. well, I think I´ll.
    have a wonderful time.

  3. 🙂
    what about you coming to read some of my work? 😀

  4. What’s the link?
    Sorry..haha..my God I sounded selfish.

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