Home away from home.

This is about my trip to Poland for Christmas. Not even a fraction of the amazing memories, emotions and stories that I have taken back with me are in here. ‘Thank you’ is too small a word, but this is my way of saying that and more to all the people who made this trip so unbelievably special..
All my mother’s friends- Emilia, Przemo, Kasia, Marysia, Wojtek..
And of course, my mum…for coming up with the whole thing, and giving me the best Christmas present ever.


People, places, different faces,
Random e-mails, text messages.
Establish a bond with my own,
In my home away from home.

Photos, comments, occasional greetings,
Finally, the long-awaited meeting.
Shyness is suddenly a myth,
Initial awkwardness is soon done away with.

Meetings at home, cafes and bars,
Giggling on the phone, singing in cars.
‘The Doors’, The Bee Gees and foreign pop.
I never wanted the experience to stop.

Tables creaking under the weight of food,
Eyes wide open, mouths watering- “Dude!!!!!”
Sitting there like it’s been happening since forever,
The family that eats together, stays together.

Walks in the cold, the eternal search for snow,
Flying high with each other, sharing in the lows.
So what if lost time has gone around the bend,
You guys are still my family, my friends.

Thank you for the memories I’ve carried back,
All piled up in a little stack.
Thank you for showing me a new side to you,
Discovering similarities, so exciting, so new.

Thank you for the lunches, the nights spent over,
Meeting great people, wishing time would go by slower.
Laughing till we wept, enjoying every moment,
Not a single memory could be stolen.

Old relatives, new friends, connections re-formed,
In just two weeks, with all this we were bombarded.
Now I promise to cherish this- Poznan, Florence or Rome,
And I thank you for the stories from my home away from home.


~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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