My Prince Charming.

‘Hey, saw you entering class, and I thought you looked pretty cute, so I thought I’d come over and say hi later. Name’s Sagar, Sagar Shah. You are…?’
I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was m first day of college. Here I was, sitting alone in the canteen, reading ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, and right in front of me stood this god-like…man!
He was just so perfect! His hair was styled in the latest fashion, the highlights weren’t over-done, and his dark brown eyes just made me want to gape at him forever. His smile was the kind of smile that could achieve world peace. And he was tall, and so, so gorgeous!
Cut back to me- sitting on the chair, with mayonnaise hanging from my lip, not to mention the lettuce leaf on my lap. My oily hair was tied in a matronly bun, and I was dressed in a simple salwar kameez. Sagar, on the other hand, was dressed impeccably, from his Gap t-shirt, to his Levis jeans, and Reebok trainers. So, I thought to myself, what does a guy like that want with a girl like me?
Maybe he saw beyond my external appearance. Maybe he wasn’t like those insensitive, cruel guys who I had encountered all my life. A guy who didn’t expect me to change for him, and loved me just the way I was.
As he stood there, smiling at me, I could visualize us walking down the beach, hand in hand. I would tell him my deepest, darkest secrets, about my crushes in school, and what my dreams were. We would sit by the edge of the sea, gazing into each other’s eyes, and watching the sunset.
He would buy me pretty things, and show me off to all his friends. He would take up for me, and even pick fights with people, just for my sake!
I would be the only one who would see his sensitive side, who would see him cry along with me during ‘Notting Hill’.
We would be so happy together. I would discover that, below a beautiful exterior, was an even more beautiful person. He would be so…..different.
I was jerked out of my daydream by a giggle in the background. I looked up at Sagar, and, for the first time, noticed the ‘popular girls’ around him. He wasn’t smiling anymore. He turned to one of the girls, and in a tired voice, said, ‘can I get outta here? You’ve had your fun. I should never have agreed to play Truth and Dare with you guys!’
And he turned and walked off.
And that was the day I realized that, in my world, there wasn’t going to be a Prince Charming.


~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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