It was all fun and games in the start,
Not too serious, not much heart.
Just thrown together by Fate and circumstance,
And perhaps, just a little old-fashioned romance.

Days passed in a blur, a carnival of sorts,
Living in the moment, not giving things much thought.
Defying everyone’s expectations, including ours,
You always brought me my favourite flowers.

Proudly displaying me on your arm,
Flooring all and sundry with that unmistakable charm.
Like the fabled perfect men of yore,
You were my ideal, I couldn’t want anything more.

We got through it all- busy schedules, weird friends,
The road was pretty straight, no curves or bends.
But the fuse was burning up bit by bit,
And suddenly, we didn’t know how or when we’d been hit.

Shouting, screaming, tears, the works,
I never knew one could experience such hurt.
It ended in a flash, lie a clap of thunder,
Not wanting to face you, I went down under.

No one believed us, they said, “It’s just temporary”,
But the days of the calendar told their own story.
From passionate lovers to awkward friends,
It was ironic, how “we” had met such an end.

But someone up there just wasn’t content,
And decided to throw in one last incident.
A complete curveball, it left us in a daze,
Then, to top it all off, you left in haste.

I waited to meet you for months after,
Kept reliving each moment, recalling your laughter.
You finally returned from lands far away,
It was as if nothing had ever changed.

Who needs ‘platonic’ when we have each other?
It took us a while, but we didn’t look any further.
I’m so glad I agreed to that first unofficial date,
Because it led me to you, my true soulmate.


~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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