To you.

Spreading through me like a cancer,
Crawling, oozing through my being.
These feelings I had locked up tight,
Back to haunt me again.

The hurt and sorrow I’d long forgotten,
Were merely stagnant, not annihilated.
It was bubbling, just under the surface,
And now it’s found a vent-release.

Why sit through this pain, why suffer like this?
Because, my friend, that’s the circle of life.
You laugh and cry, you hope and crash-land.
But, you fool, you keep coming back for more.

When will you learn, one who seems so wise?
So learned, experienced, yet you stumble like a fawn.
Fall in pit after pit, recover,
And write about it on little bits of paper.

You don’t want to share it, why inflict the same,
On those who can only care so much?
You’ll become a burden, mark my words,
Better hide in your cave of fear.


~ by cranialrumblings on February 1, 2009.

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