Exams do this to you

Okay, so I was diligently reading the theories of J.S.Mill (Political Thought Paper), when the phrase ‘the internet is passe’ popped into my head.
Began writing this, and I don’t know where the words came from.
It turned into something completely different as compared to what I had expected.
Read.. 🙂

What will it be like?
A hundred years from now.
Will cars fly, people glide,
Tube-like structures zip us to our destinations?

What will it be like?
Will everything be digitalised?
Will the internet be passe?
Will cellphones wind around one’s finger?

Will there be silver glinting at us from every corner?
Modern, gleaming structures in our face?
Will this be called progress?
Will we be a developed people?

Will ideals change, beliefs collide?
Will we become more indifferent towards each other?
More cruel, cold, distant, narcissistic?
Will we like what we see in the mirror?

Throught the ages these questions have been asked,
Theories formulated, scoffed at, praised.
Crystal balls peered into, palms of the Universe read,
Only to be brought back to a new truth.

We wonder about the distant future, build castles, colour in our dreams,
But we don’t seem to care about next week, next month, tomorrow.
What the days ahead hold, how much is on our hands,
The good, the bad, the ugly….worse?

I see it around me now, it’s all so different,
Friends, lovers and acquaintances merge,
My wi-fi cave is my little bit of heaven.
Curl up, contemplate, forget.

A conscious effort, maybe not the best,
Weighed down, “am of sound mind”,
Must stop wondering about 2019,
I don’t know if the skies will clear for me tomorrow.

~ by cranialrumblings on February 4, 2009.

12 Responses to “Exams do this to you”

  1. aaah.

  2. First: Lol at the tags. 😀

    Second : You live with one leg in the past and another in the future and you end up pissing on the present. 🙂

    • I think you’re the only one who noticed, as usual.
      Arey It’s not about emptying my bowels, this stuff just went phurrrrrrrrr out of me.

  3. perfect title!!!

  4. whrer the fuck is chapter four woman????????????????

  5. I’m nitpicking. You said 100 years from now and you mention 3009. That’s 1000 years from now. 100 years would be 2109… 😛
    I think most of what you’ve mentioned is already happening. And for most people, all this doesn’t matter. These thoughts of the ultra future are the luxury of only a privileged few. For the common man, it is indeed about tomorrow, about next week, about next month. It’s about survival.

    • Lol.
      Thank you!
      Hahaha…refer title for the little error.
      I swear, I don’t know where this came from…but just thought I should put it up..

  6. gr8!!classy title lol

  7. ive always felt that progress doesnt necessarily contribute to the deterioration of human social habits if we dont want to… it is why we have friends close to where we live.. even though were perfectly in touch with the ones who are away…just one example… its upto us… the personal touch is the one we give… and no one stops us from giving it… all in all.. writing wise.. plaintive but good… effective message… although i think its conceptualised by a slight paranoia about growing technology… it delivers well.. by the way.. its 2109 not 2019 a 100 years from nw…:P.. keep writing..

  8. In the markets, we call this transferring of risk! 😛

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