Credit to Shail for the idea…
And to Shalaka for the go-ahead to whack the above idea.

Sad-puppy-face day.
Plans-getting-fucked day.
Chocolate Brownie Cake Day.
Pop Tate’s day.
Stuffed toys and Brut day.

Getting directions day.
Cursing the Gods day.
Rum, Vodka, Subway, Haiko day.
Snow angels on a concrete floor day.
Turning on your friends day.
Hearing secrets day
Self control day

Shopping day
Role-play day
Surprises in expensive places day
Interesting car rides day
Random flings day
Hook me up with your friend, no matter how ugly he is day.. 😛
Pleasant surprises day!!

Pink chaddi day
Pub crawl day
Malibu, Old Monk, Alcazar (bleagh) day
Mangalsutras on the prowl day

I love Valentine’s day…
Happy to all!!!!!!


~ by cranialrumblings on February 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Today”

  1. :P…. all i have to say…

  2. Hehehe.
    Thaaank you, Shail

  3. bleeeah. Byatch.
    But thiss iz muchas btr than mine. Prolly bcoz i don live in bbay. Yet.

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