…the end is here!!

..and with great fanfare, yet another long essay about Ambedkar’s awesomeness, making up of my own constitutional provisions for SC/STs…THE EXAMS ARE OVER!!
Woot woot!!
Rights of the Citizens of India, it was. While most of the class was engrossed in writing about the rights of women, children and the like, some of us were busy signaling ‘3.15’ to each other- that being the time that ‘Dev.D’ was going to start at New Empire.
Like bullets we were out of college (after a quick smoke, of course), and reached the theatre. Needless to say, it was flooded with Xavierites, one looking more relieved than the next. My movie-buddies:
Atiya, Devanshi, Priyanka(who joined us later) and Shawn. I mention Shawn last because this was a landmark experience for us. The last time Shawn and I were in a theatre together was 5 years ago, for ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’. We didn’t know each other, and had gone with our respective groups of friends. Now the thing is, I am NOT one of those to squeal and cringe during horror movies. I’m (or rather, I used to be) the one making comments and laughing loudly just when everyone else was about to scream/jump out of their seats/secretly pee their pants.
So, back to poor little Shawn, who was trembling in his seat every time the scary background score reached a tell-tale crescendo. He was rudely interrupted when an obnoxious bitch from the rows at the back (Read: yours truly), said, “OH MY GOD! The name of that chick sounds like Pussy!” And from then on, Emily Rose could have been exorcised a million times over, but, for Shawn, the moment had been ruined. And, as if, things couldn’t get worse, O.B. began throwing popcorn all over. Finally, Shawn couldn’t take it anymore. Shawn angry, Shawn throw popcorn. And when Shawn threw popcorn, the OB promptly stood up and said, “Excuse me!! You just threw popcorn on my boobs!!!!”
End of memory.

So, back to circa 2009, watching Dev.D

(For a review, watch me go WOO-HOO!!!!! when we meet).
The shots, the subtle humour, things you couldn’t see unless you were looking, the realism, the fact that Abhay Deol did not look perfectly turned-out at all times…it was absolutely brilliant.


After coming out of the film, giddy with awesomeness, bright colours, beautiful melodies and the overpowering smell of men’s urine, it was time for a plan.
A plan which was exciting, new, fun…A plan to drink!!
Sundance was our chosen place to get jiggy with it.. *giggle*

So there we were, Shawn and I nursing our Old Monks, while Atiya and Devanshi giggled over their Smirnoffs. Chilly Garlic potatoes, a grilled chicken sandwich, good conversation, gossip, bitching and ‘blaming it on the vodka’…the perfect recipe for happiness.

Shawn left to go to KGAF then…missed you. 😦
A GREAT train ride home followed, with more stories and secrets.
A great day overall.
Not bad, for Friday the 13th.

At the College farewell class party.

Till next time..

~ by cranialrumblings on February 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “…the end is here!!”

  1. hahaha love the way u write :D:D… felt like i was there.. with all ur descriptions… :D:D

  2. dies. period.

  3. No! I want to die. *I* die.

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