The killing of the Cinemax manager.

On Wednesday, police arrested Shrinath Yogi (30) and his friends Anil Thakur and Ramesh Baria for stabbing Mandar Patil, the manager of Cinemax (Andheri).

The police said, at around 7.30 am, the control room received a call about the body lying near the ice factory ground opposite the bus depot.

“A police van rushed to the spot and the body was sent to Cooper hospital for post mortem,” said Senior Police Inspector Suresh Nalavde adding, Patil was a resident of the nearby Patil gulli in Versova village where he stayed with his wife and mother.

The police said Patil had deep wounds on his neck, head and abdomen and his intestines were coming out of his stomach. “Preliminary post-mortem report stated that the injuries were caused with a sharp object,” said Nalavde adding, a case of murder had been registered.

The police also found a broken whisky bottle, two glasses and snacks lying near Patil’s body.
This reveals the grimy underbelly of the seemingly carefree, flamboyant gay community in Bombay. Patil was evidently harassing a poor coffee vendor (Jogi) in the theatre, asking him for sexual favours.

Jogi told the police that Patil would often call him to isolated places at night, treat him to drinks and then ask him for sexual favours. He was severely depressed because of this and had even taken five days off from work. Jogi had discussed this problem with his friends and they plotted Patil’s murder together.According to the Versova police, the accused told us that he was not interested in Patil’s proposals but was forced to listen to him to save his job.(He earned only Rs. 4,500 per month).

Patil was at work on Monday night when he called Jogi to meet him near Yari Road early on Tuesday for a drink. He brought with him a liquor bottle and both had a few drinks before Jogi called his friends. They came, armed with a revolver, and told Patil to stay away from Jogi. Patil, however, asked them not to interfere in his affairs, prompting one of the accused to attack him with a knife and killed him.They burnt his belongings and then dumped them in the mangroves.

Investigations are still on.

~ by cranialrumblings on February 16, 2009.

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  1. legalise homosexuality. Please.

    And yay 4 u on exam endig!

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