Wait. (thanks Angad)

Angad, I have taken the first two lines of your poem. Hopefully I can live up to the magic you created with your work.
Thank you for the permission to write this.

‘Wait’, is all she said years ago
When she left me on the floor.
A twisting mass of limbs and cries,
She didn’t look back, left me to die.

The struggles I’ve faced, the pain I’ve endured,
Nursing a broken spirit that could never be cured.
Just hoping an angel would come to take me away,
All this has made me the person I am today.

Cold-hearted, detached, with all my emotions put away on a shelf,
After learning the truth, I became a mere shell of myself.
How could she do this? Was it because I wasn’t loved?
Was this the fate dealt to me by the Great One above?

No, they said, she was merely addicted to crack.
She meant to get better, and come take you back.
But her need for a fix was too great,she could never keep her word,
No one was important, every part of her life was spurned.

As I recall all this now, I wonder if I’ll ever forgive her,
For putting a few moments of pleasure above the well-being of her daughter.
I know one thing for sure, I’ll never follow her path,
I’ll always hold my dear ones close to my heart.

I can’t forget, I can’t forgive,
But I’m glad I had a chance to live.
I know I can be strong, confident and brave,
I just can’t understand why I’m crying over her grave.

~ by cranialrumblings on February 28, 2009.

19 Responses to “Wait. (thanks Angad)”

  1. wow, your ability to rhyme always leaves me amazed. *Jaw drops to the basement*. And the little revelations too. Im just, awestruck. Thats about it.

  2. similar to the one about the father. You’re good with twist endings!

  3. i got goosebumps ya.. damn nice

  4. Im going to say its a terrible poem…just so that this time when You call me a liar, i can say …”yes…i lied…i actually like it very much”….

  5. Because it is actually a very nice poem…but you never seem to believe mee

  6. How many twists can a person come up with!!

  7. DOOD. DOOD. DOOD. seriously. DOOD.

  8. Brilliant.
    Anything more will simply be overkill.

    Just brilliant.

  9. its nt just the twist… its the way it comes about… its really good… i love how u toy with feelings the most… and how u seem to understand them so well order enough to imagine them… prolly why u keep sayin sorry too…:P

  10. Beautiful. Touching and shocking at the same time.

  11. simplicity! 🙂


  13. veryyy touching!..

  14. 🙂 Shaaaks. Lush!

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