House of Mirrors

We live under the same roof,
But we all lead secret lives.
Trapped in this house of mirrors,
Caught up in our own lies.

Trying our best to hide it all,
Refusing to confront our demons.
And everytime we’re caught red-handed,
We’re ready to supply our reasons.

Surrounded by these mirrors,
In the front and at the back.
We don’t want to look straight ahead,
Knowing that they will crack.

Unable to withstand our sins,
Face up to what we’ve done.
We skulk around each other all day,
Taking each moment as it comes.

‘Avoid eye contact’ is the cardinal rule,
Avoid your censuring gaze.
Just keep conversation to a minimum,
Never thought we’d end up this way.

You seemed to be a beacon,
A pillar on which i could rest.
And then came your fall from grace,
I guess it even happens to the best.

Don’t look at me with pity,
I know everything you’ve done.
It’s a great feeling, being assured,
That I’m not the only one.

You’re neck deep in shit now,
And I hope it just gets harder.
Because after all you’ve put me through,
I want you to face yourself in the mirror.

~ by cranialrumblings on March 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “House of Mirrors”

  1. interesting..*hug*

  2. Before the mirror I stand
    Descendent of the stone age ape
    All I see in the reflection
    Is someone very out of shape

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