I love trees.

I love trees.
I grew up in my grandmother’s bungalow. It was a beautiful place. She had an orchard with every tree you can imagine. Cherry trees, apple trees, willows, oaks, elms, chestnut trees, firs, birches…every tree you can think of. She used to take me there for walks when I’d been good. She’d send me out there alone when I’d been bad. I’d rush home from school to play there. Just me and all those pretty trees.
Spring was my favourite season. All the trees bloomed. It all looked so pretty. Just like a postcard.
I hated the fall and the winter. The trees looked so naked, so vulnerable. It seemed like they had been stripped of their dignity, lying exposed for all to see.
I didn’t go to the orchard in the fall and winter. Looking at the trees made me cry.


Time passed.


I love trees.


I went to college. It was a beautiful college. There was a big lawn, where people used to sit, talk, laugh play the guitar and kiss. They kissed a lot, those couples who sat, talked, laughed and played the guitar on the lawn. There weren’t many trees, though. That made me sad. I wanted a tree of my own.
My special friend.
I would go for a lot of walks around college. An hour, maybe two. My classmates would sit in the library, or on the lawn. I would walk. I would walk, looking for trees.
One day, I found her.
She was a big, beautiful, ancient oak. Her bark wasn’t uncomfortable to touch. She was surrounded by a velvety tuft of grass, where I used to sit.
I named her Gloria.
She was my first love. We spent hours together. I would stroke her gently, discovering her sensitive spots. She responded too. It wasn’t easy to spot, but she did. I told her all about my hopes, dreams and aspirations. She was a great listener.

I joined a nature club. Gloria and I had our first fight.

There were only 7 of us in the club. We would go on walks. It was there that I met Neil.

Neil was a nature lover. That’s how we connected. He loved everything about Nature- the waterfalls, rivers,flora, fauna. He loved trees. We got along so well.
After 6 months, I took Neil to meet Gloria. They got along so well. I’d never been happier. I knew she was jealous, but she understood.
And then, Neil sat down with me on the tuft of velvety grass, and put his hand up my skirt.
And I didn’t like it.
Gloria didn’t like it.
But I let him.
I let him crawl on top of me, and move rhythmically.
Gloria looked down at me reproachfully.
I closed my eyes.
Neil shuddered.


Gloria refused to talk to me after that. Neil called many times, but I didn’t respond. He didn’t respect what Gloria and I had.


I moved to another city to work as a secretary in a big law firm.


I lived in a small apartment. It was on an avenue which was lined with elms.
It was beautiful.
Work was very interesting, but not what I really wanted to do.
I wanted to work with trees.
Understand them.
Know them.
Caress them.


My landlady was a gardener. She had green fingers.
I asked her where there were quiet places with trees.
She told me to take the bus and get down at the 4th stop, walk a little way ahead and follow the signboards.


Birchwood Grove.
I had never been so happy in my entire life.
I made another friend.
Another lover.
Her name was Sylvia, and she was tall, slender and delicate.
I knew that Gloria could never have given me what she did.
Sylvia and I planned a romantic moonlit picnic.
That was the best night of my life.
Her rough bark against my smooth flesh.
The roots intermingling with my feet.
We became one.
Fused together.
I thought of all the trees I had seen since my childhood.
And it felt like I was about to explode from a pit deep, deep within me.

I love trees.

~ by cranialrumblings on March 30, 2009.

29 Responses to “I love trees.”

  1. Since i know you were aiming for creepy, let me just put it simply…..

    You hit the nail on the head…..Amazing job…simply astounding and mind bending….

  2. It felt very honest. And I feel people try and look for creepy in your work. This did not feel creepy, just honest…

    warm fuzzy feelings…

  3. Its creepy, I agree. But, only as an afterthought. It doesn’t seem creepy when you read it. Its actually very flowy – and very eased out – one line automatically leading to the next. Great stuff!

  4. something totally different from what u usually write but yet so beautiful n pure!! 🙂 very nice!! me likes. 😉

  5. This is a message from Anisha, who is too busy performing a fashion show for her mother , and hence is unable to type it out herself……..

    (begin quote)

    “This is supposed to be creepy. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about it. It is supposed to be psychadelic and mind bending. AAARRGHHHHHH”

    (end quote)

  6. i read i love trees!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  7. This is a continuation of the message from Anisha who is still performing a fashion show for her mother and hence is unable to type it out herself…..

    (begin quote)

    However, i would still like to thank everyone for commenting, and do please continue to do so.

    (end quote)

  8. O_O

  9. aw shoot that was me above. so O_O again.

  10. Very thought-provoking. Love it! 😀

  11. very hatke frm ur usual stuff.. but as usual remarkable work :)..
    keep it up.. i jus luv readin ur work..

  12. Woahkay!
    Hello, all!
    Firstly, I would really like to thank Pranav for his extremely professional way of putting across my sentiments. . . *applause, please!*
    Secondly, I think some of you have not understood the method behind this particular piece of madness:
    Inspired by “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia” by Edward Albee:


    What I have tried to do here is take something no one would notice in their everyday lives (in this case, a tree), and give it a human, slightly erotic quality.
    The girl has been surrounded by trees all her life, but she does not merely stop at loving them with the sense of detachment that most people have.
    She actually emotionally and physically loves trees.

    Sylvia and I planned a romantic moonlit picnic.
    That was the best night of my life.
    Her rough bark against my smooth flesh.
    The roots intermingling with my feet.
    We became one.
    Fused together.
    I thought of all the trees I had seen since my childhood.
    And it felt like I was about to explode from a pit deep, deep within me.

    This refers to coitus, people!
    It is not meant to be warm, fuzzy, pure or honest(!?!?!), Himanshu and Divya.
    Sneha, yes, you have kind of got it.
    I always write very in-your-face-I-killed-him/her kinda stuff.
    But here, I tried a more subtle form of creepiness.
    Read through this again, tell me if you see it now.
    By no means is this woman normal.
    The deviations of the human mind remain a constant in most of my works.

    Welcome to new readers!
    Mohena. . .thank you so much. . .keep reading!
    Rachana. . don’t think about it too much. As aresult of writing this, I’m not getting any sleep tonight! 😛
    Shalaka, going incognito evidently isn’t your thing! 😉

    Rishika, Sneha- thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

    Pranav, once again, THANK YOU!

    Keep reading guys.
    Feel free to refute if you have any issues with the way the message has been portrayed.

  13. When I first read it, the “erotic” element or “creepy” element seemed most obvious and blatant. It was as if it was being served on a plate before me. My first thought was, “Damn, this girl is getting it on with a tree!” And the expected “eww”s and “gross”s followed in my mind. But then I thought, the writer wouldn’t be so obvious. And hence, by-passing the very obvious “coital” tone of the work, I chose to take back the “warm, fuzzy” and as Divya put it, “pure” feelings. Even amongst us humans, there’s “sex” and when the two individuals are in love in a “pure”, “honest” manner, it’s called “making love”.
    There, I have refuted… Please don’t kill me!

  14. That’s why it’s thought provoking. The deviations of the human mind are astounding. What we know and understand of its working is merely a fraction of what it is capable of and the possibilities are infinite. You capture the dark side perfectly!!

  15. ps. If that was in my mind I wouldn’t sleep either! But now that it’s out and not in there anymore you should be able to sleep just fine! 😀

  16. i quite like this.. soft and gentle, yet with a reality of life not usually accepted by the human mind.. well done..

  17. ummm…wow… it was awesome as usual.. but i was a bit disturbed.. i wonder if u could put this case under object obsession.. like that woamn who married the eiffel tower…. although i knw that trees are living creatures.. but still… damn umm…. disturbing to an extent… but god i love ur dark element…. ❤

  18. trees. It was nice reading till you spoilt the obvious by saying it aloud. Still. Keep bringing it. Here to read more.

  19. So she’s a lesbian… and her partners are trees!! Love it!!

  20. anisha… even if u meant it to be creepy… no sry.. it wasnt.. i found a metaphor in it… a message… nothing explicitly sexual or disturbing cause i chose to intrepet it that way… uve written it.. im sure u can find more…

  21. Speechless seriously…. every one who reads this will picture it differently … its open to so many interpretations, and the word play is also fantastic. kudoes!! a blog to keep an eye on.

  22. What makes this read so special is that it can be interpreted in so many ways triggering a variety of illusions and images. I am surely going to love reading this on my next trip. Peace.

  23. As shail said. The readers are free to interpret anyway they want.
    but yes, the coitus is obvious.
    And I wasn’t going incognito, i was just using a friend’s laptop.
    PS: that particular friend, she was, well, in shock after reading a little of your previous work, from how good it is.

  24. Anisha, If you ever much as even try to say that you write badly, i shall hit you very very hard. Dont get me wrong, ive always loved your work, your wordplay was fantastic, and the verse superb, but it seemed to lack a certain something. But this has it. Its complete. And brilliant.

    Im very very jealous

  25. WOAH! Creee-pee!!!
    Spotting a new style, with the breaks and all. Gives it a kind of changing seasons feel, from spring to summer and so on, as she goes through different phases in life. Real nice.
    “Gloria and I had our first fight”, where is the room for doubt? Clear as day she believes she’s in a relationship from this very point. Later references to jealousy, flesh on bark, etc. would make Donald Duck realize she’s barking up the wrong tree (and how).
    Written in a very emotional non creepy way, but towards the end when it hits you, it is very scandalizing (is that what i mean?). I mean it kinds creeps up on you.
    Not outright OMFG-run-around-the-room-screaming-“the HORROR” types.
    I like. Keep up the unconventional take on never-thought-of topics.
    Very nice indeed. Though necrophilia WILL be a bit much *barf*

  26. daammnn twisted.. unusual..very very well written..love the way uve written it thru her perspective..develops faster than u want it to sumtimes, cos its such a crazy theme and ur curious to know more but not too sure how ull accept what ur gonna find..loved it..

  27. loved it….you’re one hell of a writer. i seldom like blogs. i like this one.

    • Hey,
      Thank you so much!
      Hope to hear from you more often now.
      Take care.
      Keep reading.

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