…and the day is here.

Hello all!
My exams begin from the 9th of April.
First up is International Politics.
I hope to do really well in these exams, because I want to go to London for a Journalism Course. For this, I need 60% minimum in my TYBA.
And so the madness begins.
Less posts will happen, but there was another weird day I had. Will try to put up #3 soon!
In the meantime, the various facets of Political Science struggle in vain to hold my attention, ignoring the fact that Facebook rules supreme.
Have you ever noticed how, when we’re studying, suddenly the toilet and all the cosmetics in it, the kitchen and all the implements and ingredients one can play around with, one’s feet, stationary, the peeling plaster from the ceiling and all things mundane become of utmost importance to us?
I have never peed as much as I do during my “study-time”, nor drunk so much water.
The feature of the 2009 studying pattern seems to be a penchant to cook and bake. No temperature is too high, no obstacle too large. Give me my iPod, a spatula, and I’m rocking that kitchen, babyy!
That’s it for now.
Till next time, adieu!

~ by cranialrumblings on April 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “…and the day is here.”

  1. All the best! London will do well with you there. Although, dunno where that’ll leave us…..
    BUT, the Internet is always there!

  2. 🙂 All the best for your exams ..

  3. huh, from jan to march, i studied.
    which is to say, I read all my old books again, and slept a lot, and stressed a lot.
    i will txt tomoro to wish you luck.

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