Would you marry her?

There, I’ve said it out loud and clear.
The woman is a PR mechanism par excellence.
No bones about who she really is, where she comes from and how she feels on any issue under the sun.
The non-vegetarian, PETA promoting, item girl-turned-reality-television-star. . . Rakhi Sawant!
And now, she is selling yet another part of her life to primetime television.
This time, Madame Sawant is going to be the demure, blushing bride looking for her ideal man (according to her, with the dimaag of Dhirubhai Ambani, the mind of Aamir Khan, the personality and dil of Salman Khan, with a good body and an army cut) on a TELEVISION show.
So, all you strapping young men out there who fit her criteria, please begin lining up.
I can’t wait for this show to begin!
NDTV Imagine, please let me know if you know when it starts.
In other news, one paper is down and the next is on the 16th. I wrote 50 sides for IP, and my hand looked like it was mauled by a sex-starved pig.
But I is happy.
Re-reading: Shantaram.
Listening to: Joplin.

~ by cranialrumblings on April 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Would you marry her?”

  1. lol waitin or the show too… crazyyyy!!!

  2. shantaram. Deep contented sigh.
    hahah @ exam.

    i wrote my physics paper, after i gavce it in i spent an hour worrying abt whether it was legible.

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