I had a really nice day today.
I had a nice breakfast.
Then, I chilled in the afternoon, spoke to a friend.
Then, I went and met two other friends. We’re three of a kind. 😛
Then, I went for coffee.
Then, I went for the last day of the theatre workshop.
Then, we rehearsed.
Then, I came home.
Then, I had dinner. It was nice. Mamma made idli-sambhar.
Then, I played some poker on Facebook.
Then, I spoke to Suprateek again.
Deepak also called.
I reminisced a little bit, about unpleasant and very pleasant things.

All in all, today was a well-balanced day.
When I read it, it sounds fine.
But then, why am I sitting here, feeling so empty inside?


~ by cranialrumblings on July 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “:(”

  1. I can understand what you feel. We all feel the same. It sucks.

  2. been there. didn’t understand it. went to sleep.

  3. You seek a light,
    you need its peace,
    you are not among the others,
    you know it,

    you seek love,
    when you find it,
    you shall seek more,
    till you know you wont find more,
    then you shall find it again.

    You’re only human,
    but you’re awesome,
    this emptiness is testimony to it.

  4. Hope you feel better now! ❤ 🙂

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