Cancerous swirls envelop her,
Loss of technicolour, nothing on the horizon.
In the distance, the strains of a lute are heard,
Shadows of raindrops on her face, as they trickle down the window-pane.
She stares at her reflection.

An early morning ritual, sacred to him,
Walking out the door, bucket of water in hand.
Smiles as he goes through the Sunday morning motions,
A clean, shiny car- as good as new.
He stares at his reflection.

A spritz here, a flick there,
All the final touch-ups completed.
A sniff, a snort of the pure white stuff,
She’s ready to walk that road.
She stares at her reflection.

She squeals with joy, and chuckles with glee,
Splashes around a bit, just to irk Mommy.
The little rubber ducky bobs in its turbulent sea and a soap bubble escapes,
She is full of wide-eyed wonder,
She stares at her reflection.

Downcast, full of guilt,
Unable to look at her and confess.
Looking at the ring on her finger, an errant, telling tear rolls down his cheek.
She lifts his head and looks in his eyes.
He stares at his reflection.

A glint of steel, a flash of light makes it all so clear to her,
What had to be, what ought to have.
Mistakes of long ago, haunting her still,
She feels at peace as she grips the knife tight.
She stares at her reflection.

~ by cranialrumblings on July 26, 2009.

18 Responses to “Reflections.”

  1. Single thought, one line, so many meanings and scenarios… Scrumptious!

  2. mind blowing!!!i jus love d way u write em!!!!

  3. 🙂
    Thank you, Aakriti and Lomas. 🙂 🙂
    This one’s very dear to me.

  4. its such a sweet thing…. every line is like a world in itself… so meaningful… keep da good work on…

  5. You’ve captured brilliantly just how differently individuals of the same species can go through something and end up doing the same thing, if for merely a moment.

  6. The scary kinda brilliant. I recall all the Dumbo epithets.

  7. absolutely mindblowing.. 🙂 loved it! *hug*

    Awesome awesome AWESOME!!!!!!

  9. my lord… that was amazing.. esp the different scenarios n all.. brilliantly done

  10. well written but a little discomforting.

  11. hey!
    donn count dis as braggin cause its da opposite!
    i see a lot of my style in this poem… though da way uve played wid different “reflections” is smethng unmatched… i kno i couldnt do it…
    oh btw i took ure advice & moved my blog 2 WordPress… well dat wasnt da real reason but still… its now
    read me!

  12. i really like the style, leave so much to imagination… its really like a perfectly woven thing… love it…

  13. Comforting.

  14. I heart! you are the best there is! Go Anni go! 😀 😀 😀

  15. i love how you’ve done this. i really do.

  16. Nicely done. Great how the different scenarios all end up in “Reflections”. Keep ’em coming!

  17. I LOVE how this one’s done. Each in a world of their own, yet arriving at the same moment – staring at his or her own reflection. Brilliant!

  18. This isn’t poetry, this is genius.

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