Interesting find..and more ramblings, rumblings

Hello, al!

Just thought I’d put this up..found it while surfing aimlessly (isn’t that the best?)

Presenting: the female form of Lord Ganesh:

Lord Ganesh- female form.

In other news, I leave for the UK on September 18th. Missing out on doing another show of Harold Pinter’s ‘The Room’, as well as Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’. Do catch these plays on the 19th of September (Will update as to location) , and the 2nd and 3rd of October (St. Andrew’s, Mumbai), respectively.
For thoe who don’t know and are bothered to care ( 😀 ) , I am leaving for the UNiversity of Sheffield to do my Masters in Broadcast Journalism (It’s a funny thing, but I can never spell broadcast correctly at the first go!). It’s a one year course, but I hope to work in the UK for a little while after the course. Am super nervous about living on my own, since I’m quite the spoilt brat at home, so any pointers would be welcome! Will hopefully be blogging quite avidly from there, so watch this space to read about the Adventures of a Sheffield-er! 🙂
On tangent, I saw ‘District 9′ yesterday. Now, I’m not usually a sci-fi fan, but this was a pleasant surprise! Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, the film revolves around what happend when aliens land, and are housed in District 9, a sort of camp, which eventually becomes a slum. After 20 years of co-existence, which includes rioting, human and alien deaths, etc., the people revolt, and move for a rehabilitation scheme. This is undertaken by Multi National United (MNU), headed by Vikus Van De Merwe (if I remember correctly, that is how his name was spelt). What follows is an account of how, during Vikus’ efforts to rehabilitate the aliens ( also known as ‘prawns’), something goes terribly wrong, turning his life upside down. The film is a sort of satire, and I loved the tangible elements to it, showing a side of aliens we as an audience have never really explored. The prawns aren’t here to take over the world, nor are they cute and cuddly, like the E.T. of yore. They have real human emotions, filial relationships are explored and bonds are forged. The film is shot like a documentary, with bytes from sociologists to the common man, which I think was an excellent device.
This isn’t hardcore science fiction, with strong currents of humour and farcical elements. Worth a watch, even for those who, like me, believe that ‘sci-fi’ is completely unrealistic because, frankly, it’s never going to happen. 🙂

Also, the songs of Sweeney Todd are constantly running through my head. For those who haven’t watched it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Till next time, dear reader. I now have to go and cook something (hopefully) delectable. Mom’s attempting to domesticate me. I bet she spends sleepless nights thinking that I’ll walk into Uni wearing soemthing *gasp* UNIRONED!


Tatabyebye, and thank you for reading random, tangential jumps of this currently-overworked cranium. 🙂

~ by cranialrumblings on September 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Interesting find..and more ramblings, rumblings”

  1. The random rumblings of your tangentially jumping overworked cranium are a lot of fun to read, and thanks to you, I am now imagining your poor Mom’s hysterical ravings on being told that you have walked into Uni wearing something unironed.

    As for Sweeney Todd, dare I elaborate? 😛

    And yes, I am rather excited about watching District 9 sometime in the near future. Sci-fi, just btw, is meant to be a tad bit unrealistic, because that’s just what it is – FICTION!!!!! 😛

    Final thought : you mentioned BROCCOLI. a. why? b. moo.

  2. Lol @ unironed.
    Constant argument at my place…I say it’s fine, mom says it’s crumpled. sigh.
    I haven’t watched sweeney todd yet…i will rectify this soon.

  3. You never let ‘random’ seem random, actually.. 😀 but still..nice..i like..and lemme tell you, though I must’ve met you like just 2-3 times..I AM gonna miss you! 🙂 *hugs*

  4. one year .. should be fun! btw Anni, what according to your mom is the definition of risk? .. a new hairdresser on a great date?! 😛

  5. One whole year? 😦

  6. more information on the female ganesha here:

    good luck with the studies 🙂

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