Stars in her eyes,
She looks out at the world.
Hopes, dreams and promises outlines in bright, glittering lights.
She is the master of her own destiny.

There’s no time like the present,
The world is her oyster.
Supported by the arms of a hundred loved ones.
Who’ll always cushion her fall.

A nervous tremble engulfs her,
Her eyes wide with anticipation.
She reaches out eagerly,
Waiting to grab that enchanted opportunity.

But the road is long and twisted,
Filled with potholes and caverns of disdain.

A once sunny world is now overcast,
A dark gloom marring a stormy view.
Encouragement seems masked by pity
Concern- A reflection on failure.

The house is now empty,
The mirror cracked,
Floors beaten down.
She curls up in a corner.

Lying weeping.

~ by cranialrumblings on November 13, 2010.

One Response to “Jaded”

  1. wow, this was amazing. loved the flow, the gradual unfolding of her life. heartbreaking, but very moving. especially liked the “encouragement seems…. on failure” line.

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