“Money is going like water!”

That’s my dad’s favourite dialogue. It could be anything- he could have bought new chaddis, or a sofa, but money is *ALWAYS* “going like water”.
Well, next weekend I am not making it any easier.
Dilshad’s in Germany! 😀

Actually, she has been for quite a while, but you’re only excited about it now. Ok? Ok.

So Dilshad’s in Germany for an exchange program of some sort (I don’t really know what it is, I’m just excited she’s here!!). The last time I was in Bombay, we didn’t really get to hang out much, and she’d be like that awesome best friend on the side, if this were a romantic comedy about my life. Or vice versa.
I digress.
We’re going to… Prague and… waitforitbecausethenexthalfofthissentenceisanawesomemoviewithEricBana…..MUNICH!

So more money will be going like water, I shall spend awesome quality time with my Dilshad, and fun shall be had all around. Pictures shall be put up on this site.

As you’re also probably guessing by 2 blogposts in rapid succession, I do not have a job yet, and am still looking. Only those with worthwhile offers need apply.
I also hope to make this more…bloggy? You know what I mean.

~ by cranialrumblings on November 25, 2010.

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