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Now that I’m officially unemployed (and looking, potential recruiters!), I’ve had the chance to listen to a lot of great music! Thanks to Fabian Beckett, someone with an extremely interesting choice in music, coupled with endless YouTube surfing, here’s a list of 15 tracks I’ve been listening to:

Little Dragon- Twice.
Such a chilled-out vibe. Lean back, close your eyes, and let her dulcet tones wash over you.

Lady Antebellum- Need You Now.
When you can’t help missing him/her, and you know music will probably be the only thing that helps.

Jessie J-Price Tag.
I like the ‘cha-ching cha-ching’ and ‘ba-bling ba-bling’.
Oh, and it’s philanthropic too.

Example- Kickstarts.
The young professional’s ‘Whip Your Hair’.

Cylsound and The Drill- Get Drilled and Work.
Filthy, filthy.

ROA- Ne Place (Nay Pla-chay)
He’s Romanian, and he’s awesome! Ioana and I heard this on the radio when I was in Bucharest, and it was love at first note. Definitely worth a listen.
P.S: Ne Place means ‘We Like It’.

Smiley- Love Is For Free
Cheesy name, cheesy song, but I love it.
Sue me, I’m all warm and mushy inside.
(He’s Romanian as well)

Russian Red- Loving Strangers.

From the soundtrack of ‘Room in Rome’

It’s a beautiful song, and if you haven’t watched the film yet, go.

Eliza Doolittle- Pack Up.

Paloma Faith- Upside Down (just because ‘New York’ is old now).

I always said I was born in the wrong decade, but with this kind of music, it doesn’t seem so wrong. 🙂

Lowkey- Something Wonderful.
*Gasp* He’s NOT singing about wearing fancy clothes, driving a fancy car and banging hot women in clubs!

Duck Sauce- Barbara Streisand.
This is the original:

And then they ‘Duck Sauce’d it:

Dennis Ferrer- Hey Hey.
I only just heard this, and it’s growing on me.
Whaddaya think? *Russell Peters face*

David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland- When Love Takes Over.
A club. Your closest girl friends. Screaming the chorus in each others’ faces. Feeling the thump of the beat under your feet, in your heart, up in your head.
So much fun.

Now, I know I’ve reached 15, but Boney M doesn’t count, and anyway, you’ll be so glad I cheated.

Dan Balan- Chica Bomb.
Once again, Ioana introduced me to this. And I will be eternally grateful.
As a friend of mine put it, ‘This is one of those videos you can watch without needing to listen to it’.
Mmmmm hmm.

Lastly, for all you freeware junkies reading this, have you heard of
It’s a website that allows you to input the URLs of YouTube videos and convert them to .wav, .mp3 and a variety of other video and audio formats.
If you know of something better than this, let me know, but I use this for the time being, and it’s awesome.
If the beginnings and endings irritate you, you can always download Audacity and chop ’em out.
That’s all for now, folks.
Happy listening!
P.S: What are your favourites? It could be anything.Classics, songs I may never have heard of, or something we can gush over together. Let me know. Really. Anything.
Just not heavy metal, pliss. It gives me a headache and then I feel old. 😦

~ by cranialrumblings on January 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Now Playing.”

  1. Hey!
    These songs are all pretty nice 🙂 Im addicted to Twice myself 🙂
    check out for conversions.

  2. “I need you now” is a proper feelings wala song and “Barbara Streisand” is a proper am so drunk that I am going drunk dial my friends and sing the chorus just to annoy them song. Fabian does seem to have a right proper mix of songs.

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