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So, Rohit and I felt extremely proud of our ‘Hallelujah’ cover and decided to record another song.
After much fighting, screaming, hair-tearing and eye-gouging, we decided to do ‘Chasing Cars’.
Then we fought again.
Finally, we settled on ‘Unforgettable’- the duet with Nat and Natalie Cole.
Here is our cover of this beautiful song, and a special shout out to the fantastic people who’ve made my life what it is today:

Jai, Ashlene, Tanya,Bhoomika, Raza, Rohan, Dilshad, Ruheen, Tara, Avik, Taha, Shalaka (a.k.a. Mystique), Prince and DJ.

The last 6 years wouldn’t have been anywhere near as memorable without each one of you.
I love you. 🙂

33, Headford Grove.

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It was sometime around May, and Shruti and I decided that once our contract in halls ran out, we’d rent a private place together.
After much hunting, one incident of potentially being ripped off by a lady from Denmark and much re-assuring, (“Shruti, dheeruzzz rakh!”), we found the perfect place.
Only, so had 2 other people.
So there we were, in this adorable little house- Shruti, Jui, their mums and I. As we walked into the double bedroom, one of the two men looking around the house said, “You know, we’re already going to take this place, so don’t bother.”
We couldn’t believe it- our dream home was being stolen from right under our noses. However, after a hurried conversation with the estate agents, it was established that no offers had been accepted yet, and it was first come first serve. The guy who showed us the house obviously favoured us, because he told us the men were taking a bus to the office, and maybe we should take a cab (wink wink, nudge nudge).
Long story short, on the 1st of July, we moved into 33, Headford Grove.
Don’t you just love the sound of it? Headford GROVE.
Not gulley, not Nagar- Grove.
The house has seen a lot- dissertations being written and submitted, results being received, barbecues, birthday parties, loud drunken nights, jam sessions, drunken history lessons and so much more.
I’ve made some new friends while sitting around here, lazily smoking a cigarette and looking out onto the garden. From singing ‘Hey there Delilah’ at the top of our voices while Hadi patiently strummed his guitar, to rolling on the floor laughing when Shruti and Eddie drunkenly rejoiced in the awesomeness that is the Flintstones.
We’ve cried with frustration here.
We’ve had the worst fits of laughter known to mankind here.
We’ve sat on the carpet, huddled together on horror movie night, screaming when a tree branch hit the window.
We’ve filled the room with warmth, even if the heater doesn’t work.
We’ve lain on the grass and talked about everything, from cheesy 80’s pop, to school anthems, religion and cock-eyed people.
We’ve seen the first snow fall right outside our window, filling the streets with white.
We’ve drunk endless cups of tea, glasses of beer, wine and of course…Ouzo.
We’ve made friends with Davidoff, Sampoorna, Dunhill and so many others.
We’ve listened to Joplin, Floyd, Gaga and Linkin Park all in the space of a few hours.
We’ve made *highly* inappropriate guesses during a game of dumbcharades.
Friends have come and gone, but the memories still make us burst out laughing at the most unexpected moments.

This weekend, Rohit came to stay from London. We’ve always enjoyed singing together, but this time we decided we’d record a little something.
So, in memory of all the good times at our home, this slideshow, set to our cover of ‘Hallelujah’.
It’s been wonderful, and I can’t wait to see you all at graduation.

And remember: The front door of the house is too formal for friends- you know how to get here. 🙂

“Money is going like water!”

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That’s my dad’s favourite dialogue. It could be anything- he could have bought new chaddis, or a sofa, but money is *ALWAYS* “going like water”.
Well, next weekend I am not making it any easier.
Dilshad’s in Germany! 😀

Actually, she has been for quite a while, but you’re only excited about it now. Ok? Ok.

So Dilshad’s in Germany for an exchange program of some sort (I don’t really know what it is, I’m just excited she’s here!!). The last time I was in Bombay, we didn’t really get to hang out much, and she’d be like that awesome best friend on the side, if this were a romantic comedy about my life. Or vice versa.
I digress.
We’re going to… Prague and… waitforitbecausethenexthalfofthissentenceisanawesomemoviewithEricBana…..MUNICH!

So more money will be going like water, I shall spend awesome quality time with my Dilshad, and fun shall be had all around. Pictures shall be put up on this site.

As you’re also probably guessing by 2 blogposts in rapid succession, I do not have a job yet, and am still looking. Only those with worthwhile offers need apply.
I also hope to make this more…bloggy? You know what I mean.


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She makes my sleepless night invariably look less morose.
She makes me look at things in a whole new light.
Her eyes have and always will mesmerise me.
She makes me want to be better, do better.
Her smile’s…perfect.
And adorable.
She makes me happy.
One happy bunny.


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Stars in her eyes,
She looks out at the world.
Hopes, dreams and promises outlines in bright, glittering lights.
She is the master of her own destiny.

There’s no time like the present,
The world is her oyster.
Supported by the arms of a hundred loved ones.
Who’ll always cushion her fall.

A nervous tremble engulfs her,
Her eyes wide with anticipation.
She reaches out eagerly,
Waiting to grab that enchanted opportunity.

But the road is long and twisted,
Filled with potholes and caverns of disdain.

A once sunny world is now overcast,
A dark gloom marring a stormy view.
Encouragement seems masked by pity
Concern- A reflection on failure.

The house is now empty,
The mirror cracked,
Floors beaten down.
She curls up in a corner.

Lying weeping.

Kuch meetha ho jaaye? :)

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He looked around him. It seemed like it was going to be a slow day. Hopefully, he’d be able to sell half of his stock atleast.
He took out his bag, laid a cloth on the cobbled pavement and began arranging his wares in careful, parallel lines- dolls on keychains in the first, torches in the second, miniature guns in the third, and plastic mobiles in the fourth row.
Aai shapath, he had forgotten the bangles! Arey, arey. Now Padmini would shout at him. He should remember to buy her a small Dairy Milk on the way home. He shouldn’t forget…shouldn’t forget…
“Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk…”

“Dairy Milk! DAIRY Milk! Dairy MILK! DAIRY MILK!!!!!”
“Uff! Will you just keep quiet?”
“But Papa promised!”
“Huh? Haan, haan, we’ll buy him one Dairy Milk! What will happen? The sky will fall on our heads? No, na?”
“But he’s putting on,Vinod! You want him to grow up and have your stomach?”
“Ay, hello! You fell in LOVE with this stomach!”
“Sure, that’s what did it…”
“This child is going to make me break my head! Okay, Sanju! One small Dairy Milk.”

“Arey sir, kya karein? Garmi hain na, isliye stock bilkul nahi tha.”
“Arey baba, mere customers kya khareedenge? Hawa?”
“Dekho, Harilalji, is mausam mein toh chocolate vaise hi pighal jaayenge. Jitna hain, utna hi bhejo,na?”
“Aur mere bacche kya khaayenge? HAWA?!?!?!”
“Yeh aur iska hawa, saala gaa..”
“Kya bola?”
“K…k…kuch nahi, Sir! Bas, voh…Himesh ka naya gaana…”
“Hatt! Tu saala, topi pehenkar ghoomta rehta hain, jaise Apollo Bunder ka naya Amitabh ban gaya. De, chocolate de! Ek chocolate deta hain, voh bhi itna naatak karke! Yeh le, paisa…ab hatt!”
“Harilalji…woh…AIR lagaoon? Bas, score sunna tha. India-Australia ka…”
“Abey haraami! Radio bajaane ke liye thodi rakhta hoon! Ab nikal! Madar…”

Business was slow. He had only sold 2 of each. 40 rupees. Less 5 for the chocolate. Aila, Padmini wouldn’t even let him buy his lottery ticket this week!

“Mammaaaaa…It’s HOT! Can we go there?”
“Sanju, do you see that man over there? He’ll EAT YOU UP if you go near him!”
“Happy? Scared the boy with your stupid stories!”
“What was I supposed to do? He wouldn’t stop talking!”
“Really…you’re India’s next Mother Theresa, hanh! Sanju beta…? Sanju…? Oh le le…Mamma was just joking…Come, come. What you want? I’ll buy you whatever you want from here.”
“Balloon! Torch! GUN!……Papa, Papa, can I have that mobile? It’s like your only!”
“It’s not real, beta. Accha, you want chocolate?”
“BUT PAPA I WA…Dairy Milk?”
“Haan. Come.”

He was getting too old. If only he had had a son, he wouldn’t have to carry this heavy bag. Mustn’t forget: “Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk…”

“Arey, Harilal! Kaise ho?”
“Prakashbhai! Bhagwaan ki meherbaani…sab theek hain. Tu bata?”
“Bas, theek. Uh..Prakashbhai, ek paanch rupaiye ka…”

“Excuse me, excuse me! Bhaiyya, ek paanch rupaiye ka Dairy Milk dijiye…jaldi!”
“Papa, can I have 5 Star?”
“Sanju, I’m buying a Dairy Milk. You want it, or should I only eat it up?”

“Thank you, Papa!”
“Yeh lijiye aapka chhuta. Bye, beta!”

Padmini was definitely going to kill him tonight.

New blog!

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Have you visited my life-in-Sheffield blog yet?
Come on, you know you want to.


Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

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