Our pseudo-graduation. :)

So we’ve techinically graduated, finally. Even though we haven’t given our exams yet.
Thursday the 19th of February was a madly hectic day.
At 1.40, we had our graduation picture..So I reached at like..1.00. Just in time to watch the Eco Department’s picture being taken.
And then, a few classes later, was our turn…
The funny hat and gown :D

There I am in all my glory!! 😀

Anyhoo…So we all took our places, ready for our moment of pure, unadulterated awesomeness…

Political Science, 2008-2009.

Can you see me in the centre? I took the best spot, with the pretty flowers that Aakriti and Nikhil gave me. (Thank you, guys. Muah!)
Suddenly, Madhura screams, “Listen!!! Devanshi still hasn’t come! She’s just at Charni Road, ya..let’s wait, na? (Charni Road being approximately 10 minutes away from college.)”
So, we wait, and pass our time by clicking randomly inane pictures…
Par example..

Aakriti, Atiya and I.

Devanshi comes bounding in, to resounding applause from the entire class..A few minutes, lots of Gujju jokes, pulling of topis and flapping of the bird like-sleeves of the gown later… We all got together…2 pictures were clicked..one where we’re all serious, focused, driven… Atleast I think so…

Centre- stage. Muahahahaha.

And one where I look like I’m in a musical… 🙂

Woo-hoo!!! :D :D

More socialising, more pictures… (Refer my Facebook album for the aforementioned…)

Coming up next..
The farewell!!!
Stay tuned..

Listening to:
My Sherona- The Ramones

A certain geek in Calcutta 🙂

Nothing, ’cause I’m watching TV

Law and Order on Hallmark. Me a junkie of the solvation of crime.

~ by cranialrumblings on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Our pseudo-graduation. :)”

  1. jealous i am..most..most..jealous..nice flowers btw..brilliant way to stand out in a crowd of black gowns…

  2. Oh the times!

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